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Our church is open every  afternoon from 13 untill 15 h to burn a candle, to pray, to meditate, just to sit, or to make a chat with one of the volunteers.


The Vredeskerk is situated at a square at the edge of the neighbourhood 'De Pijp'. It's close to Ceintuurbaan en the Albert Cuyp market. Hilligaertstraat/Pijnackerstraat), opposite the Okura Hotel.

METRO 52 (stop: De Pijp)  TRAM 12, 3 (stop: Ferdinand Bolstraat)


Holy Baptism (children)   


Children are baptized preferably during one of the Celebrations of the Eucharist in the weekend. This happens three times a year. Every baptismal ceremony is preceded by two preparatory discussion evenings for the parents of the children receiving baptism. This is led by the Working Group Baptism of Children. Contact


Holy Baptism (adults) and Holy Confirmation


The Holy Baptism is administered to adults on Easter Saturday Evening. The Holy Confirmation is administered to people aged 16 and over, in the period after Easter, by the bishop or his representative. Preparation on both sacraments takes place through some preparatory rites and during a short course starting in November annually.


Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession)  Contact


Holy Unction


Every year the last rites are administered on one of the Sundays of the Lent, during Mass.

This is meant for people who are seriously ill, who are to undergo a major operation and old people who are clearly weakening.


Rosary (click)


Every Saturday, 13.30 hours. In May and October after 12.30 Mass.


Funeral service  take place preferably at 12.30, the time of the daily Eucharist. Please contact the pastor as soon as possible after a decease.


First Holy Communion


If they feel ready for it, children frequenting the family Mass can receive the First Holy Communion in an extra festive celebration.


Other churches in Amsterdam


(Foreign languages in red)



09:30   De Krijtberg, Singel 448

10:30   De Papegaai, Kalverstraat 58

10:00   Begijnhofkapel, Begijnhof

10:30   Nicolaasbasiliek, Pr. Hendrikkade 73

11:00   De Krijtberg, Singel 448

11:15   OLV Kerk, Keizersgracht 220

11:15   Begijnhofkapel, Begijnhof (Frans)

12:00   OLV Kerk-kapel, Keizersgracht 218-B (Italiaans)

12:15   De Papegaai, Kalverstraat 58

12:30   De Krijtberg, Singel 448

13:00   Nicolaasbasiliek, Pr. Hendrikkade 73 (Spaans)

13:00   OLV Kerk, Keizersgracht 220 (Surinaams)

17:00   Mozes en Aäronkerk, Waterlooplein

17:15   De Krijtberg, Singel 448

18:00   OLV Kerk, Keizersgracht 220 (Engels)


Maandag t/m vrijdag/Monday until Friday

09:00   Begijnhofkapel, Begijnhof

10:30   De Papegaai, Kalverstraat 58

12:15   OLV Kerk–kapel, Keizersgracht 218–B

12:30   Nicolaasbasiliek, Pr. Hendrikkade 73

(dinsdag Engels, vrijdag Spaans)

12:30   De Krijtberg, Singel 448

17:00   Begijnhofkapel, Begijnhof

17:45   De Krijtberg, Singel 448

19:30   OLV Kerk–kapel, Keizersgracht 218–



09:00   Begijnhofkapel, Begijnhof

10:30   De Papegaai, Kalverstraat 58

12:30   Nicolaasbasiliek, Pr. Hendrikkade 73

12:30   De Krijtberg, Singel 448

17:15   De Krijtberg, Singel 448 (Engels)

19:00   OLV Kerk, Keizersgracht 220